About Me

Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world! Thanks for the lyrics Journey.

I’m a 32 year old mum from the U.K. I’m currently a travel agent and have been so for a record 1.5 years now. (Record for me, read my blogs to find out why!)

I was diagnosed with a Personality disorder in 2018 after years of pretending nothing was happening. I have an Impulsive type of personality disorder meaning I struggle keeping focus, managing money and basically making any sensible decisions. I learn every single day of how to mange this with the help of medication and an understanding Fiancé. I’m working very hard to not let the illness define me but I’m guilty of a pity party or two in the past.

I love Nature, animals, (except my dog because he’s a full ball arsehole) and being creative. I love to write! I feel its therapeutic for the mind. I wrote in diary’s for years but decided I’d bring it to the 21st century and make things slightly more…well, readable.

I’d love to get feedback on any of my posts and feel free to drop me a line or two for a chat 🙂